Flip top bottle lids are designed to fit on top of empty bottles, sold separately. It is important to be able to dispense what’s ever inside of a bottle easily. The flip top lid has a small dispensing hole and then the lid flips open and closed, which helps to provide a strong seal as well as freshness. These can also be cleaned and re-used on new bottles once it has been emptied.

These can be used to place on top of bottles filled with sauces, condiments, paints, as well as cleaning chemicals and solvents. It ensures that the right amount is dispensed without having to free pour from a large necked bottle.

– Sold individually
– Made from durable plastic
– Designed to fit multiple sized bottles

The lid/cap will fit the 250 mL, 500 mL, and 750 mL plastic bottles. This makes it convenient to have one lid that can fit all three of the sizes.

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