Diversey Des E Hand Rub Sanitiser (500ml)


Soft Care® Des E is an alcohol-based hand rub gel for waterless skin sanitising.

Soft Care® Des E is a hand sanitising alcohol rub gel that contains 71.5 grams ethanol for every 100 grams of product (or approx. 79% v/v ethanol).

Ethanol is an effective sanitising agent effective against gram positive gram negative bacteria. Soft Care® Des E is formulated with a humectant, an excellent skin care ingredient which helps to moisturise. Soft Care® Des E is ideal for use where frequent
use of hand sanitising products is required and in areas where no water is available.
Soft Care® Des E is perfume-free, thus eliminating the risk of tainting foods making it suitable for application in the food processing area.

• *Kills 99.999% of germs.
• Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
• Perfume free (suitable for use in food processing area).
• Contains humectant – to help moisturise the skin.
• Suitable for frequent use
Application areas
• Healthcare
• Food Service
• Hospitality
• Lodging
• Education
• Food Processing
• Offices

Directions for use
If hands are visibly soiled, thoroughly clean hands with a suitable hand cleanser and dry before applying Soft Care® Des E.
1. Apply 3ml of Soft Care® Des E to dry hands.
2. Massage thoroughly into the skin for 30 seconds. paying particular attention to fingertips, the nails and webs of the finger.
3. Allow hands to air dry.

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