Oates Armourcoat

A water-based surface protector and restorer suitable for use on all automotive leather, vinyl and rubber. It is also suitable for general indoor and outdoor surface protection. Before use, always clean surface with a pH neutral detergent to remove any built-up grime. When pre-cleaning leather, TANNERS CHOICE SHAMPOO is highly recommended before applying ARMOURCOAT (refer page 27). When surface is dry, apply a small amount of ARMOURCOAT by direct spray or cloth and rub in a circular motion. For leather, a White Oates® Industrial Wipe is recommended, for vinyl and rubber, use an Oates® microfiber cloth. Allow to dry and finally buff with a clean wipe or cloth. To increase gloss depth, further coats can be applied. Ensure surface is given time to dry between coats.
Important: Before use, wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side shields.
Note: Not suitable for use on suede or Nubuck leather.

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