Oates Neutro

Surface neutraliser for use on floors after alkaline strippers have been applied. Using a neutraliser will help to eliminate the risks associated with leaving a floor in a high alkaline state. Suitable for use on ceramics, terrazzo, marble, limestone, terracotta and resilient sheet or tiled floors. Can also be used to remove efflorescence and light rust marks from vitrified and terracotta tiles. Use following PUNCH to neutralise and ensure sticky, alkaline residues don’t create high levels of re-soiling on the freshly cleaned surface. After the slurry of old sealer has been picked up, apply diluted solution liberally to the surface via an Oates® poly cotton mop or scrubbing machine. Allow it to activate for at least 2 minutes and then mop up or collect with scrubbing machine.
Important: Before use, wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side-shields.
Note: Before use, dilute according to the application type as per the product label.

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